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If you are researching carpet cleaning companies or researching the best method to professionally clean carpets and area rugs, take a minute to read this. Carpet Cleaning Round Rock is the leader in steam carpet cleaning. Furthermore, steam cleaning is the preferred method of cleaning carpets by the carpet manufacturing industry and the carpet fiber manufacturing industry.

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Carpet Steam Cleaning

There are a number of reasons the carpet industry prefers steam cleaning to other carpet cleaning methods, such as dry compound cleaning and carpet shampooing.

First of all, steam cleaning uses only hot water as its cleaning agent. Other methods, like shampooing use detergents and chemicals, which can be harsh enough to weaken the fibers of the carpet or area rug, leading to a rug that looks worn and dated before it otherwise would.

Secondly, these detergents typically leave behind either a small to large amount of residue, which attracts dirt (this is its job), and promotes resoiling of your just-cleaned carpet! Finally, steam cleaning gets a deep down clean of your carpet. Particularly when professional grade steam cleaning appliances are used (as opposed to portable steam cleaners you can purchase or rent), steam cleaning loosens dirt way down in your carpet and sucks all of that dirt and debris out.

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The Steam Cleaning Process

How does steam cleaning work? It's actually quite simple. A powerful, truck mounted machine will arrive at your house or location. Hoses are brought inside, and water is finely sprayed down into the wall-to-wall carpeting or area rug. This water agitates the carpet fibers, knocking loose dirt, pollen, dust, dust mites, and other allergens and debris. Immediately, this small amount of water and large amount of debris is sucked up by the vacuum, and transported outside through a hose.

Using a professional steam cleaner as opposed to a portable steam cleaner you can rent or buy yourself has a number of advantages. Primarily, the professional equipment is hugely more powerful than the portable one. This results in more dirt being knocked loose from the carpet fibers, and more dirt and water being sucked away. The water is an important factor in the drying time for the carpet; if more water remains on the carpet, the drying time will be longer.

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Green Cleaning

Steam cleaning has another advantage many people value the most these days: because no chemicals or detergents are used, it is an family and Eco-Friendly process. There is no need to fear air pollution or contact contamination. With steam cleaning, you can rest assure that your house, family, friends and pets are safe!

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